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Picture Books

BAILEY, Debbie. The Hospital. Annick Press, 2000. (6:2)

BOURGEOIS, Paulette. Franklin's Classic Treasury. Ilustrated by Brenda Clark. Kids Can Press, 1999. (5:3)

CARTER, Anne. from Poppa. Illustrated by Kasia Charko. Lobster Press, 1999. (5:3)

FAGAN, Cary. The Market Wedding. Illustrated by Regolo Ricci. Tundra Books, 2000 (6:1)

FARRELL, Sue Farrell To the Pool with Mama. Illustrated by Robin Baird Lewis. Annick Press, 2000.(5:4)

FITCH, Sheree. There's A Mouse in My House. Illustrated by Leslie Elizabeth Watts. Doubleday Canada Limited, 1997. (5:3)

GAY, Marie-Louise. On My Island. Groundwood/Douglas & McIntyre, 2000. (5:5)

GAY, Marie-Louise. Stella Queen of the Snow. Groundwood Books/Douglas & McIntyre Ltd., 2000. (6:2)

GILMAN, Phoebe Jillian Jiggs and the Secret Surprise North Winds Press, 1999.(5:4)

GRASSBY, Donna. A Seaside Alphabet. Illustrated by Susan Tooke. Tundra Books, 2000.(5:4)

GREEN, John. Alice and the Birthday Giant. Illustrated by Maryann Kovalski. Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2000.(6:2)

HENKES, Kevin. Wemberly Worried. HarperCollins Publishers, 2000. (6:2)

HOGG, Elaine Ingalls. Remembering Honey. Nimbus Publishing Ltd. 2000.(6:1)

HUTCHINS, Hutchins. Two So Small. Illustrated by Ruth Ohi. Annick Press, 2000. (6:2)

JOCELYN, Marthe. Hannah's Collections. Tundra, 2000. (6:1)

KASSIAN, Olena. One Special Tree. Scholastic, 2000.

KEEFER, Janice Kulyk. Anna's Goat. Illustrated by Janet Wilson. Orca Book Publishers, 2000. (6:2)

LEEDAHL, Shelley A The Bone Talker. Illustrated by Bill Slavin. Red Deer Press, 1999.(5:4)

MCNEIL, Florence & David McPhail. Sail Away. Illustrated by David McPhail. Orca Book Publishers, 2000. (6:1)

MORGAN, Allen . Matthew and the Midnight Wrestlers. Illustrated by Michael Martchenko. Stoddart Publishing Company Ltd., 1999 (5:3)

MORGAN, Allen. Nicole's Boat: A Good-Night Story. Illustrated by Jirina Marton. Annick Press, 2000 (revised ed.). (5:4)

MUNSCH, Robert. Munschworks 3: The Third Munsch Treasury. Illustrated by Michael Kusugak, Michael Martchenko, Vladyana Krykorka. Annick Press, 2000. (6:2)

OPPEL, Kenneth. Peg and the Whale. Illustrated by Terry Widener. Harper Collins Publishers Ltd., 2000. (6:2)

SCHWARTZ, Roslyn. The Mole Sisters and the Busy Bees. Annick Press Ltd., 2000. (6:2)

SCHWARTZ, Roslyn. The Mole Sisters and the Wavy Wheat. Annick Press Ltd., 2000. (6:2)

TROTTIER, Maxine Dreamstones. Illustrated by Stella East. Stoddart Kids, 1999.(5:4)

WABOOSE, Jan Bordeaux Firedancers. Stoddart Kids, 1999.(5:4)

WALLACE, Ian. Duncan's Way. Groundwood/Douglas & McIntyre, 2000. (6:1)

ZEMAN, Ludmila. Sindbad. Tundra Books,1999. (5:3)

Fiction: Grades 3-6

BAILEY, Linda. Adventures in Ancient Egypt. Kids Can Press, 2000. (6:2)

BAILEY, Linda. Adventures in the Middle Ages. Kids Can Press, 2000. (6:2)

CITRA, Beeky Ellie's New Home Orca Book Publishers, 1999. (5:4)

ELLIS, Deborah. The Breadwinner. Groundwood Books, 2000. (6:2)

GHENT, Natale. Piper. Orca Book Publishers, 2000. (6:2)

GUEST, Jacqueline. Free Throw. James Lorimer & Co. Ltd., 1999. (5:3)

HEHNER, Barbara (Editor). The Spirit of Canada: Canada's story in Legends, Fiction, Poems and Songs. Malcolm Lester Books, 1999. (5:3)

HORROCKS, Anita. Topher. Stoddart Kids, 2000. (6:1)

HUNTER, Dawn & Karen Hunter. Hit and Run (Sports Stories Series). James Lorimer &Co. Ltd., 1999. (5:5)

HUTCHINS, Hazel. The Three and Many Wishes of Jason Reid. Annick Press, 2000. (6:2)

KROSSING, Karen. The Castle Key. Napoleon Publishing, 2000. (6:2)

SPALDING, Andrea & David. The Lost Sketch ( Adventure Net Series). Whitecap Books, 1999. (5:3)

SYDOR, Colleen. Fashion Fandango. Illustrated by Lenka Vernex. Lobster Press, 2000. (6:2)

TATE, Nikki. No Cafés In Narnia. Sono Nis Press, 2000. (6:2)

TATE, Nikki. Return to Skoko Lake. Sono Nis Press, 1999. (6:2)

YE, Ting-xing. White Lily. Doubleday, 2000. (5:5)

Non-Fiction: Preschool - Grade 6

BENDER, Michael. All the World's A Stage: A Pop-Up Biography of William Shakespeare. Raincoast Books, 1999.(5:3)

BOWERS, Vivien. Wow Canada! Exploring This Land from Coast to Coast. Owl Books (Greey de Pencier Books Inc.),1999.(5:3)

BUXTON, Ted. Soccer Skills For Young Players. Firefly Books Limited, 2000. (6:2)

Canada Through the Decades Series. Weigl Educational Publishers Ltd. 2000.(5:3, 5:5)

COMEAU, Natalie Ann. Lobster Kids' Guide to Exploring Toronto. Lobster Press Ltd., 2000. (6:2)

COOLEY, Brian & Mary Ann Wilson. Make-a-saurus: My Life with Raptors and other Dinosaurs.Annick Press, 2000. (6:2)

DRAKE, Jane & Ann Love My Father and Me Kids Can Press, 2000.(5:4)

DRAKE, Jane & Ann Love My Mother and Me Kids Can Press, 2000.(5:4)

ELLIS, Sarah. The Young Writer's Companion. Groundwood Books, 1999.(5:3)

First Book About Animals Series: First Book About Animals of the Forest; First Book About Animals in the Water; First Book About Animals of the Plains; First Book About Animals of the Polar Region. Gareth Stevens/Saunders Books, 1999.(5:4)

FLATT, Lizann Backgammon for Kids Somerville House Publishing,1999.(5:4)

FORTIN, Caroline. So Many Ways To Communicate. Les Editions Quebec Amerique Inc,/Raincoast Books, 1999. (6:1)

FUNSTON, Sylvia. The Book of You: The Science - and Fun! - of Why You Look, Feel, and Act the Way You Do. Greey de Pencier Books, 2000. (5:5)

FUNSTON, Sylvia. Mummies. Greey de Pencier, 2000. (6:1)

GRANFIELD, Linda. Pier 21: Gateway of Hope. Tundra Books, 2000. (5:5)

HICKMAN, Pamela. Animals in Motion - How Animals Swim, Jump, Slither, and Glide. Kids Can Press, 2000. (5:5)

HODGE, Deborah. Eagles. Kids Can Press, 2000. (6:2)

JACKSON, Lawrence. Castles in the Sea; All About Icebergs. Tuckamore Books, 2000. (6:1)

KALMAN, Bobbie. The Science Of Living Things Series. Crabtree Publishing Co., 2000 (5:3, 6:1))

KALMAN, Bobbie & Jane Lewis. Women of the West (Life in the Old West Series). Crabtree Pub. Co., 2000.(5:3)

KALMAN, Bobbie & Kate Calder. Life of the Miner. Crabtree Pub. Co., 1999.(5:3)

Living Science Series: Air; Animals; Birds; Energy;The Human Body; Insects; Magnets; Plants; Senses; The Sky; Soil; Water Garth Stevens Publishing/Saunders Books, 2000. (5:4)

KELSEY, Elin. Finding Out about Dinosaurs (Science Explorers-Finding Out About.... Series). Owl Books, 2000. (5:5)

LYNCH, Wayne. Arctic Alphabet Exploring the North from A to Z. Firefly Books, 1999.(5:3)

LYNCH, Wayne. Whose Baby Is This? Whitecap Books, 2000. (6:1)

MCDERMOTT, Barb & Gail McKeown All About Capital Cities of Canada. Reidmore Books. 1999.(5:4)

MCDERMOTT, Barb and Gail McKeown All About ... Canadian Attractions Reidmore Books, 1999.. (5:4)

MCDERMOTT, Barb & Gail McKeown. All About Canadian Geographical Regions. Reidmore Books Inc., 1999. (5:5)

MCDERMOTT, Barb and Gall McKeown All About ... Famous Canadians Reidmore Books, 1999.(5:4)

MCDERMOTT, Barb & Gail McKeown All About Provinces and Territories of Canada Reidmore Books, 1999.(5:4)

MAREK, Lee & Lynn Brunelle Lee Marek's Weird Science - Soakin' Science Book and Kit . Somerville House Publishing, 1999.(5:3)

MASON, Adrienne Lu & Clancy's Secret Codes; DICKSON, Louise Lu & Clancy's Crime Science. Kids Can Press, 1999.(5:3)

MASON, Adrienne The World of Marine Mammals. Orca Book Publishers, 1999.(5:4)

MOSCOVITCH, Arlene. Egypt: The Land; Egypt: The People; Egypt: The Culture. Crabtree Publishing Inc., 2000. (5:5)

NICOLSON, Cynthia Pratt Comets, Asteroids and Meteorites Kids Can Press, 1999.(5:4)

NICOLSON, Cynthia Pratt The Planets Kids Can Press, 1998.(5:4)

PEARSON, Debora Hard-Working Wheels (Mighty Wheels Series) Annick Press, 2000. (5:4)

PERHAM, Molly North American Totem Poles Firefly Books, 1999. (5:4)

ROMANUK, Paul. Tough Guys of Hockey. Scholastic, 2000. (6:1)

SUZUKI, David and Kathy Vanderlinden. You are the earth. Greystone Books (Douglas & McIntyre), 1999. (5:5)

SWANSON, Diane. Welcome to the World of Octopuses. Whitecap Books, 2000. (6:1)

SWANSON, Diane. Welcome to the World of Porcupines. Whitecap Books, 1999.(5:3)

SWANSON, Diane. Welcome to the World of Rabbits and Hares . Whitecap Books, 2000. (6:1)

SWANSON, Diane. Welcome to the World of Skunks. Whitecap Books, 1999.(5:3)

TROTTIER, Maxine Native Crafts: Inspired by North America's First Peoples Kids Can Press,2000. (5:4)

VERSTRAETE, Larry. Extreme Science: Science in the Danger Zone. Scholastic, 2000. (6:1)

WISTOW, David & Kelly McKinley. Meet the Group of Seven. Kids Can Press, 1999.(5:3)

WRIGHT, Jeni. Lobster Kids' Guide to Exploring Vancouver. Lobster Press Ltd., 2000. (6:2)

WYATT, Valerie. Weather FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions. Kids Can Press, 2000. (5:5)

YOUNG, Dianne A World of Difference Whitecap Books, 1999.(5:4)

ZIMMERMAN, Kate with Diane Thuna. The Lobster Kid's Guide to Exploring Calgary. Lobster Press Limited, 2000. (6:1)

Fiction: Grades 7-12

BORAKS-NEMETS, Lillian. The Sunflower Diary. Roussan Publishers , 1999. (6:1)

DEMERS, Barbara. Willa's New World. Coteau Books, 1999.(5:3)

DOYLE, Brian. The Low Life: Five Great Tales from Up and Down the River. Groundwood-Douglas & McIntyre, 1999.(5:3)

FREEMAN, Bill. Sioux Winter. James Lorimer & Company Ltd. 1999.(5:3)

GOOBIE, Beth. Before Wings. Orca Book Publishers, 2000. (6:2)

HAWORTH-ATTARD, B. Love-Lies-Bleeding (On Time's Wing Series). Roussan Publishers Inc., 1999. (5:3)

HAIG-BROWN, Roderick. Saltwater Summer. Harbour Publishing, 1948, 2000. (5:5)

MCKAY, Sharon E. Charlie Wilcox. Stoddart Kids, 2000. (6:1)

MCNAUGHTON, Janet. The Secret Under my Skin. HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, 2000. (6:1)

MOORE, Ishbel. Dolina's Decision. Roussan, 2000. (6:1)

SLADE, Arthur G. The Loki Wolf. Orca Book Publishers, 2000. (6:1)

THORNTON, Duncan. Kalifax. Coteau Books, 1999.(5:3)

WALTERS, Eric. Stranded. Harper Collins, 1998.(5:3)

WYNNE-JONES, Tim. The Boy in the Burning House. Groundwood Book, Douglas & McIntyre, 2000. (6:2)

Non-Fiction: Grades 7-12

ASH, Russell Factastic Millennium Facts Firefly Books, 1999.(5:4)

ASH, Russell The Firefly Factastic Book od 1001 Lists Firefly Books, 1999.(5:4)

COUPER, Heather & Nigel Henbest, The Firefly Space Encyclopedia. Firefly Books, 1999.(5:3)

DRYDEN, Steve (ed.) Total Gretsky Transcontinental Sports Publications/McClelland and Stewart, Inc., 1999. (5:4)

Firefly Science Encyclopedia (The). Firefly Books Ltd., 1993, 1998.(5:4)

GALLOWAY, Priscilla Too Young To Fight; Memories From Our Youth During World War II Stoddart, 1999.(5:4)

Great One: The Life and Times of Wayne Gretzky (The). Doubleday Canada, 1999.(5:4)

HANCOCK, Pat . The Penguin Book of Canadian Biography for Young Readers; Early Canada. Penguin Books Canada/Viking, 199. (5:5)

JONES, David North American Wildlife Whitecap Books, 1999.(5:4)

MUNDURUKU, Daniel. Tales of the Amazon: How the Munduruku Indians Live. Groundwood/Douglas & McIntyre, 1996, 2000.(6:2)

PODNEIKS, Andrew. Portraits of the Game. Doubleday Canada, 1997, Pbk. Ed. 1999.(5:3)

RUD, Jeff. Skywalking: How Ten Young Basketball Stars Soared to the Pros. Polestar Book Publishers, 1999. (5:3)

RUFFMAN, Alan. Titanic Remembered; The Unsinkable Ship and Halifax. Formac Publishing Co., 1999.(5:3)

TEMPELMAN-KLUIT, Anne (Edited by). A West Coast Christmas: Celebrating the Season on the Edge of the Pacific. Whitecap Books, 1999.(5:3)

Visual Encyclopedia Firefly Books, 1999.(5:4)

WARD, Gaye (Ed) Canadian Agriculture at a Glance Statistics Canada & Department of Agriculture, 1999.(5:4)

Audio-Visual Resources

A Love that Kills. National Film Board, 2000. (6:1)

Escher, Van Gogh and Seurat: Art at Play National Film Board of Canada, 1998/99.(5:4)

John McCrae's War: In Flanders Fields National Film Board of Canada,(5:4)

Journey To Nunavut: Amarok's Song; Journey To Nunavut: The Kreelak Song National Film Board of Canada, 1999.,(5:4)

Loyalties National Film Board of Canada, 1999.(5:4)

Mary Cassatt: American Impressionist Devine Entertainment, 1999.(5:4)

Mind of Your Own (A) National Film Board of Canada, 1999.(5:4)

Other Side of the Picture (The). National Film Board of Canada, 1999. (5:5)

Remembering Tom. National Film Board of Canada, 1999. (6:1)

Searching for Hawa's Secret. National Film Board of Canada. 1999. (6:2)

Internet Resources

Statistics Canada's Education Resources (http://www.statcan.ca/english/edu)(6:1)

French Resources

BLAND, Celia Les chauves-souris Les Éditions de Scholastic, 1999.(5:4)

CORBEIL, Jean-Claude & Ariane Archambeault. The Junior Visual Dictionary. English-French. QA International, 1999. (5:5)

DADEY, Debbie & Marcia Thornton Jones Frankenstein ne joue pas au hockey Les Éditions de Scholastic, 1999. (5:4)

DUBÉ Jasmine. Elvis Présente sa Famille. La Courte Échelle, 2000. (6:2)

DUPLACEY, James Les ailiers; Les gardiens. Les Éditions Scholastic. 1999. (5:4)

GILMAN, Phoebe La Surprise de Lili Tire-bouchon Les Éditions Scholastic, 1999.(5:4)

HICKMAN, Pamela. Autour de nous: les arbres. Les Éditions Scholastic, 1999.(5:3)

MUNSCH, Robert. On partage TOUT!. Les Éditions Scholastic, 1999.(5:3)

NICOLSON, Cynthia. Comètes astéroïdes et météorites Les Éditions Scholastic, 1999.(5:3)

OLSON, Donald. Les chevaux et les poneys. Les Éditions Scholastic, 1999. (5:4)

PILKINGTON, Brian. Le Secret de Rosie. Les Éditions Scholastic, 1999.(5:3)

ROMANUK, Paul. Le Hockey: Ses Supervedettes 1999 à 2000. Les Éditions Scholastic, 1999.(5:3)

Professional Resources

BARTON, Bob. Telling Stories Your Way: Storytelling and Reading Aloud in the Classroom. Pembroke, 2000. (6:1)

CANADIAN CHILDREN'S BOOK CENTRE. The Storymakers: Illustrating Children's Books: 72 Artists and Illustrators Talk About Their Work. Pembroke Publishers, 1999.(5:3)

DIAMOND, Charlotte Musical Treasures: A Songbook with Activities for Teachers and Families HugBug Music Inc., 1998.(5:4)

DUNN, Sonja (edited by Kate Revington). All Together Now: 200 of Sonja Dunn's Best Chants. Pembroke Publishers, 1999.(5:3)

ELLIS, Sarah. From Reader to Writer; Teaching Writing through Classic Children's Books. Douglas and McIntyre, 2000. (6:1)

GORE, Gordon R. Experimenting with Series: Experimenting with Air: Hands-On Science Activities;Experimenting with Electricity: Hands-On Science Activities; Experimenting with Energy: Hands-On Science; Experimenting with Forces: Hands-On Science Activities; Experimenting with Light and Colour: Hands-On Science Activities; Experimenting with Physical & Chemical Changes: Hands-On Science Activities; Experimenting with Simple Machines: Hands-On Science Activities. Trifolium Books Inc., 2000. (6:2)

GUNN, Tandy and Maxwell, Trish. Time4Teachers: Language Arts Grades 2-7. Time4teachers, 2000. (6:1)

HAYLOCK, Derek and Marcel D' Eon. Helping Low Achievers Succeed At Mathematics: Grades 2-8. Trifolium Books Inc., 1999.(5:3)

JONES, Raymond E. & Jon C. Stott. Canadian Children's Books: A Critical Guide to Authors and Illustrators. Oxford University Press, 2000. (5:5)

KROPP, Paul. How to Make Your Child a Reader for Life. Random House Canada, 2000. (6:2)

NOEL, Wanda. Copyright Guide for Canadian Libraries. Canadian Library Association, 1999. (5:5)

STONEMAN, , Sonya . First Aid for Reading: Phonics-based Activities for Struggling Readers. Pembroke Publishers Ltd. , 1999.(5:3)

WILLIAMS, Peter & Saryl Jacobson. Take a Technowalk : To Learn about Mechanisms and Energy. Trifolium Books, Inc., 2000. (6:1)

CD-ROM Resources

Arctic Journeys. On/Q Corporation/National Museum of Canada, 1997.(5:3)

Between the Lines: Understanding the Media Through a Series of Creative Projects. Tyndal Stone Media and the National Film Board of Canada, 2000. (6:1)

2000 Canadian Encyclopedia: World Edition McClelland & Stewart, 1999. (5:4) 


Editor: Victoria Pennell