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The Stellar Awards




One on One by Don Aker (HarperTrophy Canada)
Freedom of Jenny by Julie Burtinshaw (Raincoast)
After by Francis Chalifour (Tundra)
The Turning by Gillian Chan (Kids Can)
Season of Rage by John Cooper (Tundra)
Isabel Factor by Gayle Friesen (Kids Can)
Something Girl by Beth Goobie (Orca)
Forget-me-not by Barbara Haworth-Attard (HarperTrophy Canada)
Alice MacLeod, Realist at Last by Susan Juby (HarperCollins)
Aquanauts by John Lunn (Tundra)
Just Ask Us by Sylvia Olsen (Sono Nis)
The Greenies by Myra Paperny (HarperTrophy Canada)
Cure for Crushes by Karen Rivers (Polestar / Raincoast)
Evil Masters by Laura Scandiffio (Annick)
Seraphina’s Circle by Jocelyn Shipley(Sumach)
Resurrection Blues by Mike Tanner (Annick)
Rooster by Don Trembath (Orca)
Red Sea by Diane Tullson (Orca)
Four steps to Death by John Wilson (Kids Can)



The Beckoners by Carrie Mac (Orca Book Publishers)




An Earthly Knight, by Janet McNaughton (HarperCollins Canada)
And in the Morning, by John Wilson (Kids Can Press)
Ann and Seamus, by Kevin Major (Groundwood Books)
Cheeseburger Subversive by Richard Scarsbrook (Thistledown)
Digging for Philip, by Greg Jackson-Davis (Great Plains)
Flames of the Tiger, by John Wilson (Kids Can Press)
I Remember Korea: Veterans Tell Their Stories of the Korean War, 1950-53, by Linda Granfield (Fitzhenry and Whiteside)
Initiation, by Virginia F. Schwartz (Fitzhenry and Whiteside)
Jake, Reinvented, by Gordon Korman (Scholastic)
Made You Look: How Advertising Works and Why You Should Know by Shari Graydon (Annick Press)
Nobody''s Child, by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch (Dundurn)
Princess Pawn, by Maggie L. Wood (Sumach Press)
Tapestry of Hope, by Irene N. Watts and Lillian Boraks-Nemetz (Tundra Books)
The Bone Collector's Son by Paul Yee (Tradewind Books)
The Dirt Eaters by Dennis Foon (Annick Press)
The Girl with a Baby by Sylvia Olsen (Sono Nis Press)
Theories of Relativity, by Barbara Haworth-Attard (HarperCollins)
Throwaway Daughter, by Ting-xing Ye, with William Bell (Doubleday Canada)
Waiting for Sarah, by Bruce McBay and James Heneghan (Orca Books)

Editor: Victoria Pennell