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The Silver Birch Awards


Nominees for Fiction

Baboon by David Jones (Annick Press)
Directed by Kaspar Snit by Cary Fagan (Tundra Books)
Jakeman by Deborah Ellis(Fitzhenry & Whiteside)
Never to be Told by Becky Citra (Orca Book Publishers)
Odd Man Out by Sarah Ellis (Groundwood Books)
Pigboy by Vicki Grant (Orca Book Publishers)
The Secret of Grim Hill by Linda DeMeulemeester (Lobster Press)
Shadows on the Train by Melanie Jackson (Orca Book Publishers)
Torrie and the Snake-Prince by K.V. Johansen (Annick Press)
The Vampire's Visit by David A. Poulsen (Key Porter Books)

Nominees for Non-Fiction

Eleanor Rosevelt: An Inspiring Life by Elizabeth MacLeod (Kids Can Press)
Factory Girl by Barbara Greenwood (Kids Can Press)
Fear This Book: Your Guide to Fright, Horror, & Things That Go Bump in the Night by Jeff Szpirglas (Maple Tree Press)
I Found A Dead Bird: The Kids' Guide To The Cycle Of Life & Death by Jan Thornhill (Maple Tree Press)
Jurassic Poop: What Dinosaurs (and Others) Left Behind by Jacob Berkowitz (Kids Can Press)
Kids Who Rule: The Remarkable Lives Of Five Child Monarchs by Charis Cotter (Annick Press)
One Well: The Story Of Water On Earth by Rochelle Strauss. Illustrated by Rosemary Woods (Kids Can Press)
Our Game: The History of Hockey in Canada by David Stubbs. Illustrated by Neal Portnoy (Lobster Press)
Ryan and Jimmy: And the Well in Africa that Brought Them Together by Herb Shoveller (Kids Can Press)
Secret Agent Y.O.U. : The Official Guide to Secret Codes, Disguises, Surveillance and More by Helaine Becker. Illustrated by Dave Whamond (Maple Tree Press)

Nominees for Express

Baby Sea Turtle by Aubrey Lang. Illustrated by Wayne Lynch (Fitzhenry & Whiteside)
The Big Snapper by Katherine Holubitsky (Orca Book Publishers)
The Birdman by Veronika M. Charles. Illustrated by Annouchka Gravel Galouchko and Stephan Daigle (Tundra Books)
Danger at Mason’s Island: An Angela and Emmie Adventure by Tom Schwarzkopf (Nimbus Publishing)
Fire! A Renewal of a Forest by Celia Godkin (Fitzhenry & Whiteside)
Lucky's Mountain by Dianne Maycock (Orca Book Publishers)
Tale of a Great White Fish: A Sturgeon Story by Maggie de Vries. Illustrated by Rennéé Benoit (Greystone Books)
Things are Looking Grimm, Jill by Dan Bar-el (Orca Book Publishers)
Yetsa's Sweater by Sylvia Olsen. Illustrated by Joan Larson (Sono Nis Press)
Yossi's Goal by Ellen Schwartz (Orca Book Publishers)


Express Winner

Any Pet Will Do by Nancy Shouse (Orca Book Publishers)



Walking with the Dead by L.M. Falcone (Kids Can Press)

Nominated Titles

Barry, Boyhound by Andy Spearman (Random House Canada)
The Crazy Man by Pamela Porter (Groundwood Books)
Domenic's War by Curtis Parkinson (Tundra Books)
The Dragon Prince by Vicki Blum (Scholastic Canada)
Ingrid and the Wolf by André Alexis (Tundra Books)
Mella and the N'anga An African Tale by Gail Nyoka (Sumach Press)
The Path Through the Trees by Peggy Dymond Leavey (Napoleon)
Sarah and the Magic Science Project by Hazel Hutchins, illustrated by Christine Delezenne (Annick Press)
Terror at Turtle Mountain by Penny Draper (Coteau Books)
Walking with the Dead by L.M. Falcone (Kids Can Press)



Hiding Edith by Kathy Kacer (Second Story Press)


Backyard Birds by Robert Bateman (Scholastic Canada)
Hayley Wickenheiser, Born to Play by Elizabeth Etue (Kids Can Press)
Hiding Edith by Kathy Kacer (Second Story Press)
"I Did It Because...": How a Poem Happens by Loris Lesynski, illustrated by Michael Martchenko (Annick Press)
Prepare to be Amazed by Mary Schendlinger (Annick Press)
The Remarkable Maria by Patti McIntosh (self published).
Science Detectives: How Scientists Solved Six Real-Life Mysteries by the Editiors of YES Mag, illustrated by Rose Cowles (Kids Can Press)
Strange New Species: Astonishing Discoveries of Life on Earth by Elin Kelsey (Maple Tree Press)
They Did What?! Your Guide to Weird & Wacky Things People Do by Jeff Szpirglas, illustrated by Dave Whamond (Maple Tree Press)
The Wonder in Water by Diane Swanson (Annick Press)


Fiction Nominees

Bone Flute by Patricia Bow
Ellen Fremedon by Joan Givner
Greysteel's Ghost
by Robert Sutherland

Lost Goat Lane
by Rosa Jordan

Mask On The Cruise Ship
by Melanie Jackson

Prairie Dogs
by Glenda Goertzen

Quid Pro Quo
by Vicki Grant

Rescue Pup
by Jean Little

Torrie & The Pirate Queen
by K. V. Johansen
Wolf Pack by Edo Van Belkom

Non-Fiction Nominees

Bloom Of Friendship by Anne Renaud
Boredom Blasters by Helaine Becker
Brave Jack And The Unicorn
by Janet Mcnaughton

How Basketball Works
by Keltie Thomas

Lowdown On Earthworms
by Norma Dixon

Rain Tonight
by Steve Pitt

Sir John A Macdonald
by Jacqueline Brown

Sports Hall Of Weird
by Kevin Sylvester

That's Very Canadian
by Vivien Bowers
Three Wishes by Deborah Ellis




Raven Quest by Sharon Stewart


Non Fiction

Ask Me Anything: Strange But True Answers to 99 Wacky Questions by Marg Meikle



Editor: Victoria Pennell