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Imperial Oil Foundation Writing Contest


Theme: Deep Reading


Grade 2: The Magic Gem by Wenzdae Dimaline-Brewster, Toronto, ON (Age 7)

Grade 3: The Fish by Erika Bech-Hansen, Toronto, ON (Age 8)

Grade 4: Mermaid City by Alicia Bryn Borgmann Armstrong, Chilliwack, BC (Age 9)

Grade 5: Sonya's Hope by Eva Lynne Trabucco, St. Catherines, ON (Age 10)

Grade 6: Underwater Dark by Megan Kazakoff, Powell River, BC (Age 11)

Honourable Mentions

Grade 2: Swimming in the Rain by Morgan Crome, Arthur, ON (Age 7)

Grade 2: The Lake Utopia Sea Monster by Savannah Ross, Utopia, NB (Age 7)

Grade 3: Shark Attack! by Kira Bennett, Vancouver, BC (Age 8)

Grade 3: The Sea Creature Within by Jacob Gillett, Calgary, AB (Age 8)

Grade 4: What Lies Beneath the Sea? by Tefani Perera, Calgary, AB (Age 9)

Grade 4: Egon's Escape by Lloyd Lyall, Vancouver, BC (Age 9)

Grade 5: Mystery at the Underwater Race Track by Molly Dyck, Lacombe, AB (Age 10)

Grade 5: The Bottle of Hope by Brittany Cooke, Barrie, ON (Age 10)

Grade 6: Pirate of the Seven Seas: The Curse of the Skull Diamond by Lucas Cohen, Thornhill, ON (Age 11) Grade 6: Autumn's Opus by Karolyn Aucoin by Chéticamp, NS (Age 11)



Grade 2
Luke Gagnon of Lloydminster, Alberta (Age 7)
The Discovery of Drinter

Grade 3
Lauren Ip of Scarborough, Ontario (Age 7)
One Smart Bunny

Grade 4
Jade Tauskela of Mississauga, Ontario (Age 9)
Easter Eggs

Grade 5
Cassidy Kerr of Wolseley, Saskatchewan (Age 11)
The Tooth Fairy

Grade 6
Gabriel Wainio-Théberge of Ottawa, Ontario (Age 11)
The Tale of Worlds

Honourable Mentions

Grade 2
Natalie Warkentin of Burnaby, BC (Age 7)
The Soft Wind Came

Findlay Brown of Winnipeg, Manitoba (Age 7)
The Haunted Puffer

Grade 3
Emily Pomeroy of Saskatoon Saskatchewan (Age 8)
The Big Scare

Danielle Soule of Pefferlaw, Ontario (Age 8)
What does peace...

Grade 4
Jamie Roodzant of Salmon Arm, BC (Age 9)
Dog Goes to Church

Kshamina Ghelani of Ottawa, Ontario (Age 9)
What Sacrifices Made

Grade 5
Gavin Omand of Nepean, Ontario (Age 10)
The Hawk King

Madison Pickett Ulitsky of Nepean, Ontario (Age 10)
The Wind

Grade 6
Virgina Ullyot of Baker Lake, Nunavut (Age 10)
Adventures of the Storyteller

Eilish Estelle Hart of Halifax, Nova Scotia (Age 11)
One Day the World was Upside Down

Editor: Victoria Pennell