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Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People




Kanada. Written by Eva Wiseman. (Tundra Books)


Kanada. Written by Eva Wiseman. (Tundra Books)
Meyers’s Rebellion. Written by Connie Brummel Crook. (Fitzhenry & Whiteside)
A Rebel’s Daughter: The 1837 Rebellion Diary of Arabella Stevenson. Written by Janet Lunn (Scholastic Canada)
Terror at Turtle Mountain. Written by Penny Draper (Coteau Books)
Where Soldiers Lie. Written by John Wilson (Key Porter Books)




The Crazy Man by Pamela Porter(Groundwood Books)


The Crazy Man by Pamela Porter (Groundwood Books)
The Death of My Country: The Plains of Abraham Diary of Geneviève Aubuchon by Maxine Trottier (Scholastic Canada) Forget-Me-Not by Barbara Haworth-Attard (HarperTrophyCanada)
Four Steps to Death by John Wilson
(Kids Can Press)
Turned Away: The World War II Diary of Devorah Bernstein by Carol Matas (Scholastic Canada).




Good for Nothing by Michel Noël, translated by Shelley Tanaka (Groundwood Books)

Other Nominees

Angeline by Karleen Bradford (HarperTrophy Canada)
Last Chance Bay by Anne Laurel Carter (Penguin Canada)
by Sharon E. McKay (Penguin Canada)
Play Ball! by Carol Matas (Key Porter Books)


Ann and Seamus by Kevin Major, art by David Blackwood (Groundwood Books)
Boy O''Boy by Brian Doyle (Groundwood Books)
Brothers Far from Home: The World War I Diary of Eliza Bates by Jean Little (Scholastic Canada)
The Courtesan''s Daughter by Priscilla Galloway (Penguin Canada)
A Dirty Deed by Ted Stenhouse (Kids Can Press)




The Word for Home by Joan Clark. Penguin Books

Honour Books

A Company of Fools by Deborah Ellis. Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Finding Sophie by Irene Watts. Tundra Books
Irish Chain by Barbara Haworth-Attard. HarperCollins Canada
Search of the Moon King's Daughter by Linda Holeman. Tundra Books



If I Just Had Two Wings. Virginia Frances Schwartz. (Stoddart Kids, 2001)


If I Just Had Two Wings. Virginia Frances Schwartz. (Stoddart Kids, 2001)
Mary Ann Alice. Brian Doyle (Groundwood Books, 2001)
Shoes for Amélie. Connie Colker Steiner (Lobster Press, 2001)
Under a Shooting. Star Maxine Trottier (Stoddart Kids, 2001)
The War Within. Carol Matas (Scholastic Canada, 2001)


The Wreckers by Iain Lawrence. Delacorte Press


The Shacklands by Judy Coburn. Second Story Press 
Janey's Choice by Bernice Thurman Hunter. Scholastic Canada 
The Only Outcast by Julie Johnston. Tundra Books 
The Secret of Gabi's Dresser by Kathy Kacer. Second Story Press 
Candles by Lynne Kositsky. Roussan Publishers 
Greater Than Angels by Carol Matas. Scholastic Canada   
A Gift for Ampato by Susan Vande Griek Illustrated by Mary Jane Gerber. Groundwood Books 
The Hydrofoil Mystery by Eric Walters. Penguin Books Canada 
The Brideship by Joan Weir. Stoddart Kids

Editor: Victoria Pennell