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Arthur Ellis Award



Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates by Séan Cullen (Penguin Canada)


Best Juvenile

The Mystery of the Graffitti Ghoul by Marty Chan (Thistledown Press)
Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates by Séan Cullen (Penguin Canada)
The Devil, The Banshee and Me by L.M. Falcone (Kids Can Press)
Tell by Norah McClintock (Orca Book Pubishers)
All In by Monique Polak (Lorimer Publishing)



Quid Pro Quo byVicki Grant (Orca Book Publishers)


Best Juvenile Book

The Beckoners by Carrie Mac (Orca Book Publishers)

Juvenile Category Nominees

Susan Cliffe, Thread of Deceit (Sumach Press)
Katherine Holubitsky, The Hippie House (Orca Book Publishers)
Shelley Hrdlitschka, Kat's Fall (Orca Book Publishers)
Carrie Mac, The Beckoners (Orca Book Publishers)
Curtis Parkinson, Sea Chase (Tundra Books)


Acceleration by Graham McNamee (Wendy Lamb Books/Random House)

Best Novel

2002 Michelle Spring, In the Midnight Hour, Ballantine
2001 Peter Robinson, Cold Is the Grave, Penguin Canada
2000 Rosemary Aubert, The Feast of Stephen, Bridge Works Publishing
1999 Nora Kelly, Old Wounds, HarperCollins Canada
1998 William Deverell, Trial of Passion, McClelland & Stewart
1997 Peter Robinson, Innocent Graves, Viking
1996 L. R. Wright, Mother Love (A Karl Alberg Mystery), Doubleday
1995 Gail Bowen, A Colder Kind Of Death, McClelland & Stewart
1994 John Lawrence Reynolds, Gypsy Sins, HarperCollins
1993 Carsten Stroud, Lizardskin, Bantam
1992 Peter Robinson, Past Reason Hated, Viking Penguin
1991 L.R. Wright, A Chill Rain in January, Macmillan
1990 Laurence Gough, Hot Shots, Gollancz
1989 Chris Scott, Jack, Macmillan
1988 Carol Shields, Swann: A Mystery, Viking
1987 Edward O. Phillips, Buried on Sunday, McClelland & Stewart
1986 Eric Wright, Death in the Old Country, Scribner's
1985 Howard Engel, Murder Sees the Light, St. Martin's
1984 Eric Wright. The Night the Gods Smiled, Scribner's

Derrick Murdoch Award

2002 James Dubro, Caro Soles
2001 L.R. Wright
2000 Eddie Barber, Rick Blechta, John North, David Skene-Melvin
1999 Ted Wood
1998 Howard Engel and Eric Wright
1995 Jim and Margaret McBride
1992 William Bankier, James Powell & Peter Sellers
1990 Eric Wilson
1988 J.D. Singh and Jim Reicker
1987 The CBC Drama Department
1986 Margaret Millar
1985 Tony Aspler
1984 Derrick Murdoch *

* This award was originally named the Chairman's Award but was later renamed to honour its first recipient, Derrick Murdoch.

Best True Crime

2002 Stevie Cameron & Harvey Cashore, The Last Amigo , Macfarlane Walter & Ross
2001 A.B. McKillop, The Spinster and the Prophet, Macfarlane, Walter & Ross
2000 Gordon Sinclair, Jr., Cowboys and Indians, McClelland & Stewart
1999 Derek Finkle, No Claim to Mercy, Penguin Canada
1998 Patricia Pearson, When She Was Bad: Violent Women and The Myth of Innocence, Random House
1997 Jean Monet, The Cassock And The Crown, McGill/Queen's University Press
1996 Lois Simmie, The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson (A True Story of Love & Murder), Greystone Books
1995 Michael Harris, The Prodigal Husband, McClelland & Stewart
1994 David R. Williams, With Malice Aforethought, Sono Nis
1993 Kirk Makin, Redrum the Innocent, Viking Penguin
1992 William Lowther, Arms and the Man: Dr. Gerald Bull, Iraq and the Supergun, Doubleday Canada
1991 Susan Mayse, Ginger: The Life and Death of Albert Goodwin, Harbour
1990 Lisa Priest, Conspiracy of Silence, McClelland & Stewart
1989 Mick Lowe, Conspiracy of Brothers, Macmillan of Canada
1988 Gary Ross, Stung: The Incredible Obsession of Brian Moloney, McClelland & Stewart
1987 Elliott Leyton, Hunting Humans, McClelland & Stewart
1986 Maggie Siggins, A Canadian Tragedy, McClelland & Stewart
1985 Martin Friedland, The Trials of Israel Lipsky, Beaufort,

Best First Novel

2002 Jon Redfern, The Boy Must Die, ECW Press
2001 Mark Zuehlke, Hands Like Clouds, Dundurn Group
2000 Andrew Pyper, Lost Girls, Harper Flamingo
1999 Liz Brady, Sudden Blow, Second Story Press
1998 Kathy Reichs, Deja Dead, Scribner
1997 C. C. Benison, Death At Buckingham Palace, Bantam
1996 (Tie) John Spencer Hill, The Last Castrato, Constable & D.H. Toole, Moonlit Days and Nights, Cormorant
1995 Sparkle Hayter, What's A Girl Gotta Do?, Soho Press
1994 Gavin Scott, Memory Trace, Cormorant
1993 Sean Stewart, Passion Play, Beach Holme
1992 Paul Grescoe, Flesh Wound, Douglas & McIntyre
1991 Carsten Stroud, Sniper's Moon, Viking Penguin
1990 John Lawrence Reynolds, The Man Who Murdered God, Viking
1989 John Brady, A Stone of the Heart, Collins
1988 Laurence Gough, The Goldfish Bowl, Gollancz
1987 Medora Sale, Murder on the Run, PaperJacks

Best Short Story

2002 Mary Jane Maffini, "Sign of the Times" in Fit to Die
2001 Peter Robinson, "Murder in Utopia" in Crime Through Time III, Berkley Prime Crime
2000 Matt Hughes, "One More Kill" in Blue Murder Magazine
1999 Scott Mackay, "Last Inning" in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine
1998 Sue Pike, Widow's Weeds, General Store Publishing House
1997 Richard K. Bercuson, Dead Run in Storyteller, Winter Issue, Tyo Communications
1996 Mary Jane Maffini, Cotton Armour in The Ladies Killing Circle, General Store
1995 Rosemary Aubert, The Midnight Boat Toronto Palermo, In Cold Blood V, Mosaic Press
1994 Robert J. Sawyer, Just Like Old Times, Pub. in On Spec: The Canadian Magazine of Speculative Writing, Vol.5, No.2, Summer 1993
1993 Nancy Kilpatrick, Mantrap, Pub. in Murder, Mayhem and the Macabre
1992 Eric Wright, Two in the Bush, Pub. in Christmas Stalkings, Mysterious Press
1991 Peter Robinson, Innocence, Pub. in Cold Blood III, Mosaic Press
1990 Josef Skvorecky, Humbug, Pub. in The End of Lieutenant Boruvka, Lester & Orpen Dennys
1989 Jas. R. Petrin, Killer in the House, Pub. in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine
1988 Eric Wright, Looking for an Honest Man, Pub. in Cold Blood, Mosaic Press

Best Juvenile Award

2002 Norah McClintock, Scared to Death, Scholastic Canada
2001 Tim- Wynne-Jones, The Boy in the Burning House, Groundwood Books
2000 Linda Bailey, How Can a Brilliant Detective Shine in the Dark?, Kids Can Press
1999 Norah McClintock, Sins of the Fathers, Scholastic
1998 Norah McClintock, The Body in the Basement, Scholastic
1997 Linda Bailey, How Can A Frozen Detective Stay Hot On The Trail, Kids Can Press
1996 Norah McClintock, Mistaken Identity, Scholastic
1995 James Heneghan, Torn Away, Viking
1994 John Dowd, Abalone Summer, Raincoast

Best Genre Criticism/Reference Award
1992 Wesley A. Wark, Spy Fiction, Spy Films and Real Intelligence, Frank Cass
1991 Donald A. Redmond, Sherlock Holmes Among the Pirates, Greenwood Press

Best Play
1994 Timothy Findley, The Stillborn Lover, Blizzard

Best Crime Work in the French Language

2002 Anne-Michèle Lévesque, Fleur invitait au troisième, Vents d'Ouest
2001 Norman Spehner, Le roman policier en Amerique francaise, Alire
2000 Lionel Noel, Louna, Beaumont

Editor: Victoria Pennell